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What's Special About - Lovrei's Hair Dryers?

Only Hair Dryer With 20 Million Ions For Healthier Scalp & Hair

20 Million Anions. Your new secret to silky, smooth and amazing hair.

An unhealthy scalp is the cause of frizzy and weak hair. When we take care of the root of the issue, your hair will naturally restore itself into being silky, smooth and luscious.

Lovrei is proud to introduce to you the world's first and only hair dryer that produces 20 million anions. The only hair dryer made with the intent of caring for your scalp, not just your hair.

Lovrei - Deeply Researched & Highly Innovative

7000+ Hours

Of Research Done.

200+ Articles

Studied & Published.

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About The Founder - Alicia Ng

We founded Lovrei on the frustration that current hair dryers just weren't good enough. Alicia realised that her hair dryers were causing more damage to her hair, even though the technology for better hair dryers existed...

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Nourish Your Scalp. Not Just Your Hair.

Most hair dryers in the market are focused on one thing: drying your hair. In most cases, that would be good enough.

However, what most customers are unaware of is that this comes at a secret cost of causing long-term damage to your scalp i.e. heat damage, frizzy, expanded hair cuticles, resulting in weaker scalp.

Which is why we decided to create a hair dryer that does not only nourish your hair but your scalp as well.

The New Gold Standard of Hair Dryers.

We believe that we're ushering a new age of hair dryers. By creating Lovrei, we want to force the competition to create better products that we genuinely better for the consumers and not just better for their bottom line.

We want to lead the change by example, that's why we created products that don't just produce a result, but solve a problem.

Old Science, New Technology.

We'll be the first to admit. Researchers and scientists have known about anions since 1834.

However, its benefits has never been applied to wellness. Until now. We want to bring old science to a new frontiers to benefit the masses.

Lovrei's Money-Back Guarantee

We are extremely proud of our products and we're confident that you'll feel the same!

While we know that we're the best out there, if for whatever reason you're unsure about your purchase. Know that we have a money-back guarantee if our product isn't up to your satisfaction, we'll return you your money, no questions asked.

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