Story of Lovrei: Zheng Wen & Alicia Ng

How we got started.

Story of Lovrei

Hi I’m Alicia, proud founder of the Lovrei hair dryer.

Thank you for allowing me to share this gift to the world, my ‘labor of love’ that we proudly now call Lovrei.

Of all the health and wellness areas we tend to focus on, the condition and well-being of our hair is often overlooked – until it is too late.

Because while there are all tricks, treatments, hacks and techniques for our body, our booty, our face, feet and skin…

If our hair is dull and damaged it can really show.

And I should know…

As a child I was not only socially awkward, but very self-conscious too.

Many of these fears and insecurities led to me not really having many friends, and in between all of this, some bullying took place during some particularly difficult primary and secondary school years.

To make matters worse I had sparse, thin and very dull hair.

As I began to connect the dots, I was able to see how much of my low esteem actually had to do with the condition of my hair.

So off I went to fix this hair…

Embarking on a personal and expensive journey to fix my hair, hoping that along the way, I’d also be able to fix my feelings and my issues!

How expensive you may be asking?

Hair treatment centers, consultants and specialists are not cheap. (especially in Singapore)

And during those initial years I pretty much spent in the region of $50k.

Yeah a lot of money I know!

But here’s the deal…

By now I had become a serial researcher, and in many ways I was kind of running ‘tests’ on myself.

I would hear about this – and I’d go try it.

Next, when someone told me about that – off I went again to give it a go.

Then one day…

While talking with one particular specialist, she mentioned the word that would change my life forever.

The word?


And specifically, the scientific role anions play in not only treating hair and nourishing the scalp.

But I also came to realize anions help try hair faster – on lower heat.

As you can imagine, by now I was like a dog with a bone!

I had truly found my lightning in a bottle…

The goal now was pretty simple: find a dryer with the most number of anions and I would fix my hair – forever.

What embarked from this point was trial and error of a different kind.

So many models, so many price ranges…

And truthfully – so much cr*p too!

But having come this far, I couldn’t stop now.


This was no longer a personal crusade.

Because along the way…

In all the forums, Facebook groups, salons, conferences and exhibitions, I came into contact with so many other women of all ages, struggling and suffering with the same hair challenges I had.

Meaning this journey, this crusade was no longer a ‘me thing…’

It had become a ‘we’ thing.

And the range of ages to me was a really big deal.

As it proved to me that hair care is something we need to be introduced to as early as possible.

So that our hair can look great whether we are in our 20’s or our 70’s and 80’s.

But I knew 100% by now that the better the hair care ‘tools’ we have to use…

The healthier, fuller and shinier the hair. (And the happier, more satisfied we would be!)

Meaning it was time to dip into my purse once again, and specifically develop the hair dryer that I am now proud to present to you on this website.

And the one thing I was sure about…

The more anions the hair dryer had the better!

It took $150k of my savings to find my hair dryer ‘lab’ in the form of a research and development center in Germany.

The brief was clear…

• I wanted a hair dryer that looked great.
• It needed to be more affordable than the other high-end dryers
• But it could not compromise on quality
• ‘My’ hair dryer needed to be more powerful than the Dyson’s of this world
• The airflow needed to be better
• And without exception, this dryer that became Lovrei was to feature more anions than any other dryer on the planet.

So while other make claims about their fancy attachments…

Or their over-inflated pricing.

When you see the bigger companies spending fortunes on advertising and endorsing social media influencers to sell on their behalf…

We put all our resources into just making sure our hair dryer has the scientific technology that:

• Dries your hair quickly without burning it
• Leaves your hair looking smooth, thick and shiny
• Takes away that dry, frizzy (unhealthy) look
• Nourishes your scalp thanks to the moisture retained from sealed hair cuticles

And as someone who knows the at times desperate feeling of spending money in search of that long-term hair solution…

I am now also making the promise that if our hair dryer does not fulfil what I say it will…

Send it back within 30 days, and you will receive a full refund.

As I like to say around here…

“I’m not forcing you to buy – but I am inviting you to try.’

Thank you for being part of my world, I look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Alicia Ng
Founder, Lovrei

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